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Car Paint Repairs

At Don Manolo panel beaters, we believe that appearances do matter. That’s why we take seriously our car paint repair services. It is especially important for commercial vehicles to make a good first impression, so be sure to enlist the help of our car painting professionals. We can also repaint your entire car for a color upgrade! From touch-ups to repaints, Don Manolo has got you covered. No vehicle is too big or too small for us to provide our exceptional car painting services.


Car Refinishing

Paint fading or peeling off your vehicle is a common and easily fixable problem. Don Manolo offers car refinishing surfaces to restore your vehicle to look like new. In this case, you can’t just apply a fresh coat of paint to add a little love. Let our professional car painters take care of the job of sanding over the surface to make sure it is completely smooth before repainting your vehicle. Treat your vehicle to our professional car painting services to ensure that the quality of your paint job persists over time. You don’t have to settle for mismatched colors any longer, allow Don Manolo to color match your vehicle to perfection!